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Need a new deck block installed? Maybe a leak repaired or a port replaced, halyard reeved or teak trim fabricated? From a simple piece of gear to a complete refit of nearly every piece of hardware on board, you name the project, we have likely done one similar and know how to do it, properly, to the highest yacht building standards. If you haven’t realized it by now, starting most any project on a boat is like opening a can of worms. It always tends to be more than you expected. This affects that...that affects this...and before you know it, you are thinking:  “Uh oh, I’m in over my head!”

There are many ways to mount a piece of deck hardware to a cored deck. Simply drilling fastener holes, caulking, then through-bolting with a backing plate isn’t one by itself, as is evidenced by the photo above which shows a portion of rotted deck core that we’ve cut out, found under a stanchion base. But, this is a common problem, sooner or later, on most production built boats. There’s so much more to creating a proper, water-tight installation capable of holding up and protecting the cored deck over its years of bending, contracting and expanding. Let us plan out the job all the way through, ahead of time, no matter how big or small it may be. Then, we’ll do the job right...to the highest standard, often exceeding ABYS requirements. When it’s done, it will look as if it was installed by the factory. Maybe even better. If we do it, it has to be right. We don’t settle for anything less.

The list of projects we can handle is extensive. A partial list of projects based on some of our previous work (on both power boats and sailboats) that you might consider us for include, but are not limited to:

Hardware Installation/Rebedding
Sailboat Deck Rigging Plan Design & Installation
Opening Panels Added for Better Access
Wet Deck Repair/Core Replacement/Reinforcement
Rubrail Installation/Repair/Replacement
Port & Hatch Rebedding/ New Installation/Replacement
Custom Stainless Steel Hardware Design & Fabrication
Stainless Steel Welding Services
Electrical Accessories, Stereos, GPS, etc. Installations
Pumps (Electric or Hand) Installed, Plumbed, Wired
Teak Trim Fabrication, Custom or Replacement
Custom-made Solid Teak Hatchboards
Custom Nav Station Design
Deck Painting/Non Skid Painting
Bilge Painting
Minor Fiberglass/Gel-Kote Repairs

And, of course, three of our primary specialties
    Cabin Sole Restoration/Refinishing/Replacement
    Interior Varnish Repairs/Finishing

Whatever your project might be, no matter how big or small, give us a call at (203) 526-3972 or
(203) 878-4193, and let’s talk about it. If we think we can do the job properly, at a reasonable rate, we’ll give you a quote and a complete explanation of what we anticipate will be involved, and how we’ll approach it. However, some types of projects just aren’t a good fit for our specialized services. So, if we think your job is better suited to a large boatyard, we’ll put you in touch with one of the yards with whom we work closely, and will even manage the whole project for you, should you so require.

Leaking ports will damage interior wood in no time. Here,  interior teak ply panels were totally ruined due to these leaking ports. The panels had to be removed. New panels were fabricated in our shop, properly sealed (front, back and all sides) and varnished. Then reinstalled to make the cabin look new again. Also, after filling and repairing oversized openings for the ports, left by the poorly done original factory installation, new ports were also installed to finish the job off nicely.
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