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Published Articles/Blog Postings:

Saving Your Sole A comprehensive guide to restoring your cabin sole finish

Servicing a WinchComplete tear-down, cleaning, spring replacement, lubrication and reassembly

Preparing a Swan for a Cross Country Truck Trip ​San Diego to Connecticut (Coming soon.)


​​Stripping Varnish with Heat Gun

Removing a Wood Plug

Installing a Wood Plug

Removing a Pawl Spring 

Installing a Pawl Spring

Below, you'll find a small selection of links to blog articles about projects of interest we've completed (or are in the process of executing, as well as a couple articles written by Doug Ely, which were printed in various marine publications.

In addition, though limited at this time, we are in the process of producing a series of training video shorts for publication on YouTube and here on this site. They are mostly under 2 minutes each and are designed to give a quick tip on how to do one specific task within a project. 

Our Blog Articles/Published Reprinted Articles/Video Links

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