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Though not specific to any one type of project, many of our specialty services take place down below in a cabin, e.g., varnish work, cabin sole replacements, leak issues, carpentry/joinery, etc. Because we do so many projects inside cabins, we thought a page dedicated to cabin projects in general was appropriate.

A boat is so much different than a house. The detail in the way in which a boat is assembled make it more like one big piece of fine cabinetry. Nothing is simple. Everything is well-planned and thought out. Not only for the way it will look, but also for how well it will live in the harsh marine environment, whether sitting at the safety of a dock, or crashing through waves at sea.

Houses are built to stay in one place, without moving from side to side. When you place something down on a table or shelf in a house, you expect it will sit there until you pick it back up again, unless maybe there is an earthquake. On a boat, every wave is an earthquake of sorts. 

Keeping water out of a boat's cabin is not as simple as closing the doors and windows at your home. In fact, it's nearly impossible no matter how well you build it. Water will get in. Bilges will fill. Moisture will attack. Standing up to that attack is our goal when working in a cabin, as well as limiting the amount of water that can get in to attack in the first place. 

Our interior project work includes replacing damaged areas that are a result of moisture issues, fixing the source of those issues, and protecting the newly repaired areas from damage going forward. 

We can redesign a cabin, modify or fabricate new furnishings, repair rotted bulkheads, replace worn or damaged headliners, or any number of other type projects that will make living below/inside more enjoyable for you. From a simple piece of teak trim added to a not-so-finished area, exquisitely varnished in a warm satin finish, to a full restoration of the interior top to bottom, with new furnishings, headliner, sole and refinishing, cabin interior projects are right up our alley. 

We work on interior projects throughout the year---spring, summer, fall and winter. However, due to the excessive time many of these projects require, the off-season is always a good time to schedule one. And, if it's booked early and is something that can be done or partially done in our shop, there's a good chance we will offer a labor discount on the estimate. Filling the shop with winter work is a first priority. So the first few projects we sign up each winter are often given early booking incentives. 

If you have a cabin or interior project you'd like to discuss, give us a call at (203) 878-4193.

Cabin Interior Projects


Custom-designed and newly fabricated headliner installed

After removal of rotted headliner