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DAKOTA MARINE is a well-respected "boutique" marine services company based in Milford, Connecticut, along the shores of Long Island Sound. We work primarily within our area (see service area maps), but can handle a variety of projects just about anywhere. We have been contracted to do specialty project work for various customers in California, South Carolina, Florida, Maine, New York and as far away as the Caribbean. We are fully-insured and available to work in boatyards and marinas virtually anywhere in the United States and/or Caribbean.

Our core offerings consist of restorations, repairs, installations and maintenance to many of the surfaces, systems and structures built into, or found aboard a yacht. (See General Services page.) In addition, we also offer consultation services for guidance with certain types of projects, pre-purchase sailboat inspections, and a series of seminars and in-depth hands-on workshops at locations in Milford and Sarasota, Florida, with plans for additional offerings in other boating areas along the east coast. 

Doug Ely, is our principal owner. He has been heavily involved or working in and around the marine industry for nearly 40 years. A lifelong sailor and racer, he became a USCG-Licensed Master Captain in 1987. He captained the fabulous Swan yacht, DAKOTA, in offshore races over the years in the mid-90s through 2002. Click here for more information about him.

The DAKOTA MARINE company name was established directly as a result of Doug's connection with the yacht DAKOTA. At the time, she was well-known and well-respected in sailing circles from Long Island Sound to Newport RI, with a fair amount of equity in her name as a result. Coupled with Doug's reputation for being an accomplished sailor with a deep skill-set in boat repairs and maintenance, it seemed just right to name the company after DAKOTA

We operate out of a 2000 square foot shop/office facility in Milford, Connecticut. There, we handle all sorts of projects from cabin sole rebuilds, carpentry/joinery work and refinishing of various parts and pieces, as well as take in smaller to mid-sized boats right inside our shop for various restoration and repair projects. On the other end of the spectrum, we service hundreds of sailboat winches which are sent in to us from all around the country. We've even serviced winches sent to us from Guam!

On larger boats that can't fit in our shop, we typically work at their location, either in a slip or on the hard in a boatyard. We will even work out at a boat on a mooring if there is no better choice. We carry all the necessary equipment to handle most project work on our fully equipped trucks and workboat.

We meet all business, liability and workers comp insurance requirements necessary to work at all marinas, town docks, yacht clubs, moorings and private docks in our area. Special insurance required for out-of-state locations can easily be arranged on an as-needed basis.

We are long-standing members of the Connecticut Marine Trades Association.

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