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"You mean you'll actually come out to my mooring to work on my boat?"

Yup! It's true. Though not ideal, we do it all the time in Milford Harbor and on The Housatonic River. 

Spending the season out, away from it all on a peaceful mooring can be a pleasant alternative to the expense and lack of privacy often experienced at a slip in a busy marina. However, having project work done out there at the mooring can be quite an inconvenience at best when you factor in the lack of electricity, fresh water, limited access to the outboard sides of the boat, along with the unpredictable weather that can come up at any time on a summer day. bb

Working on projects at a mooring is certainly not ideal for any service company. The time to get back and forth adds to the cost. The seas can be rough, the wind often much worse than in the protection of a marina, and the logistics in general are much more involved than normal. But, if bringing the boat into a town dock daily, for all the days the boat will need to be worked on is just not an option for you, or too costly to put her in a transient slip, then having the work done at her mooring could be a viable alternative. Yet, it's one option which many service companies just don't offer.

We can do many types of projects right at your mooring from our 17' flat-bottomed Carolina Skiff workboat, an ideal platform for working alongside. It's completely padded all the way around the gunnels with heavy duty 3" diameter gunnel guard. We also use large, 12" ball fenders for added protection. So scrapes and scratches to your boat's hull are very unlikely.

Our DAKOTA MARINE workboat will be fully loaded with all the tools and equipment necessary for the project at hand. This might include a compressor, vacuum, fresh water supply, and sizable generator, large enough to run all the power tools we may need out there. Though the logistics of working out on a mooring may be a little more complex than working at a dock, we are set up to keep the challenges to a minimum. 

Moorings in Milford Harbor and on the Housatonic River in Milford or Stratford are not normally a problem for projects that will require multiple days of work. Moorings in other locations within our primary service area (see map) will likely require some additional coordination and expense. Give us a call or drop us an email to discuss the specifics.

Service and Repairs, Alongside at Your Mooring