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" Dakota Marine has done wonders with our boat over the years, including restoration of the cabin sole, repairing and refinishing the teak toe rails, removing and replacing the unsightly plastic ports with high quality upgraded stainless opening ports, and replacing badly weathered lenses in the hatches. However, the most impressive job was their work designing and entirely replacing our cabin headliner from scratch after major deck leaks damaged it. While in the process, they also found and fixed the leaks and replaced worn deck hardware.  Dakota Marine does outstanding work. Their attention to detail is unmatched and they communicate with us every step in the process, giving us confidence that the end result will be just what we wanted or better, and it always is."

Meg & Jon Salony

Owners of Chikara II, 1986 Cal 33

Hailing Port: Milford Harbor

Simply put, they are who helped make the DAKOTA MARINE name strong. They raved about our work, the level of communication they received throughout their projects and the fact they they never got surprises when they got the bill. As a result, their word of mouth has probably saved us thousands in advertising dollars over the years. For that---and all the work they have booked with us---we are truly appreciative. 

Our customers are made up mostly of both power boat and sailboat owners, but we also work as subcontractors for a handful of marinas and boatyards in the vicinity as well. We like to think we have great relationships with all our customers and good working relationships with all the companies with whom we do subcontracting work. Happy customers, whether boat owners or boatyards, are the fuel that keeps us busy. 

Additionally, our customers always seem to be ready to give us a good reference. Though listing names, email addresses and phones on this site would not be responsible, feel free to call us for a list of satisfied customers who are willing to speak frankly with you about what it is like to work with us. 

In the months to come we intend to highlight some of our customers here in this section to thank them for their loyalty over the years and to give you, our visitors and prospective customers, some insight into other boat owners who maybe had similar needs to yours and how we were able to satisfy those needs. 

Look for these customer vignettes to begin coming soon. In the meantime, we hope you'll consider getting to know us better by reading through more of this site and maybe giving us a call to discuss any projects you may have on tap that might eventually turn you into one of our happy customers.

Our Customers