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We operate out of a moderately-sized, approximate 2000 square foot facility in Milford, Connecticut, which houses a roomy shop, with all our necessary tools and equipment; an open workspace; dedicated clean room; product inventory and our business office. Though the facility does not have direct access to the water, we do move smaller and mid-size boats by truck/trailer, in and out of the buiding for large project work. 

Much of the work done in the shop includes fabrication, carpentry/joinery work, finishing and repair work to elements that have been removed from, or custom made for, larger boats. In addition, we also service hundreds of sailboat winches in our shop, most of which have been sent in to us from around the country and beyond.

Larger boats are typically serviced at their location, either in their slip, at a mooring or on the hard in a boatyard. We carry the necessary equipment to handle most project work on our fully-equipped trucks and workboat.

Base of Operation

Serving Long Island Sound to the Caribbean and Beyond, since 2001