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Save yourself time, money and headaches...and maybe even some heartache. 

You've seen all the great pictures on Yacht World and read thoroughly through the listing pages of the new/used sailboat you are thinking of purchasing. Everything seems great. You've spoken with the broker and are ready to put in an offer. Problem is, the boat isn't in a convenient location for you to really check her over well before making the offer. Or maybe you aren't really fully experienced in the intricacies of boatbuilding and sailboat systems. Or, frankly, you just don't have the time to travel to her location. Well, here's a solution that has worked for a number of our customers. Maybe it can work for you. 

Our owner, Doug Ely, has been in and around the yachting world since the 1960s and carries a wealth of serious boating knowledge. Not only as a tradesman and businessman in the industry, but as an established offshore sailor and USCG-Licensed 100-ton Ship's Master as well. (See Owner Profile)

Though primarily a hardcore bluewater racing and cruising sailor, working on and operating vessels of all types has given him a strong understanding of their construction, systems, rigging, finishing, inherent manufacturing issues and the recommended requirements for various types of use. With many years working in the marine business, over 100,000 sea miles under his keels, along with years living aboard in the Caribbean while working as a charter captain, Doug has built up a LOT of experience. 

Tapping into that wealth of knowledge might make perfect sense for you. Doug is available to do pre-purchase inspections for boats in the local area, as well as anywhere else in the world a prospective boat may be. The flat fee rate is the same whether here or abroad and is based on either 1/2 day or full day requirements. Expenses are extra. Typically there are very few expenses for local inspections. On the contrary for travel destinations. 

A pre-purchase inspection with Doug offers the buyer ongoing consultation during the buying process until the deal is signed. He'll communicate by phone, text and email as much or as little as you require. He'll answer specific questions you may have in addition to giving you a thorough general review of his findings, good or bad about the boat as a whole. Basically, when he's finished, he'll be able to give you a good idea whether or not it's a good idea.

Though it is not the same as a pre-purchase survey for insurance or financing requirements, it is an inspection by an extremely experienced marine professional who comes to the boat looking at it from a different perspective than a surveyor typically would. Surveyors are more black and white in their approach. They aren't necessarily experienced offshore sailors. They are people who follow  specific guidelines doing a series of checks and balances. Surveyors are definitely necessary. And, usually well-trained and certified. However, generally speaking for many surveyors, a boat is a boat is a boat. How well it sails and why it sails the way it sails is neither here nor there to them. But they will certainly let you know that your fire extinguisher needs recharging, that your winches seem to spin freely and that your required documentation numbers are displayed properly. They won't, however, be able to let you know that those winches that spin so freely and work so well are woefully undersized for offshore sailing or racing or whatever it may be that YOU plan to use the boat for. That's where Doug can help. To be fair, surveyors can certainly tell you a whole lot more about the condition of the boat than that simply stated above. We don't want to annoy any surveyors. They are usually good guys.

If you'd like to discuss the feasibilities and logistics of having Doug do a pre-purchase survey for you here in our area or anywhere the boat may be, please feel free to call and speak with him directly to discuss your specific needs. 

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Pre-Purchase Sailboat Inspections