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Everyone doesn't own a Swan or Hinckley, East Bay or Hatteras-quality yacht, nor can they afford to pay the extreme high costs usually associated with properly maintaining a yacht of that level. Yet, everyone wants the best quality work possible, for the best price. Our niche in this market is to offer the highest level of craftsmanship---that which is usually reserved for top shelf boats---to owners of ALL levels of custom or production boats.

Our rates are not only lower than most yards or licensed and insured marine contractors in the area, but we also have a fee schedule that takes into consideration the expertise of the workers assigned to a particular project. For example, if there are two workers on your project and one is a highly trained, experienced craftsman, while the other is still learning his craft by apprenticing with the seasoned worker, you are not charged the same hourly rate for both workers. That wouldn't be fair, yet it is a common practice around the marine industry. 

In addition to charging different rates for different workers, we also discount the rates on large projects where man-hours can easily add up to higher numbers.  

Our regular hourly labor rate is $69/hour. Apprentice workers are charged at $35/hour. Our rate for large, time-intensive projects (in the 40+ hours range or more) such as brightwork restorations, cabin sole replacements, or similarly involved projects, can be as low as $59/hour for our trained, experienced craftsmen and as low as $30/hour for apprentice help. These rates are obviously well below those that are standard in the industry around this region. 

With our modestly-sized shop facility situated a mile away from the very expensive, highly-taxed shore side real estate, we are in a better position to keep our rates more reasonable. Our insurance and workers comp premiums are lower than large boatyards, as is most of our other overhead. We have fewer DEP requirements to meet, less large equipment to purchase and maintain, and a smaller staff to keep things running smoothly. Consequently, we can charge a little less. We believe we charge a very fair rate for what we do. We hope you feel the same. 

We offer free estimates for most larger projects. In most instances, we call them quotes, because we stick to the quoted prices. Certain projects have too many variables to quote. In those cases we provide an estimate and do our best to stick close to it.

General 2015 Labor Rate: $69/hour

Major Restoration Rate: $59/hour

Apprentice Rate: $35/hr

Pre-Purchase Inspection: $240/Half Day-$450/Full Day

Phone Consultation: $20 per 1/4 hr increment-$75/hr

General Consultation: $75/hr

Travel Rate: $35/hr (per worker)

Travel Expense (by Truck): $.59/mile (outside 10 mile radius + toll charges if applicable)

Other travel expenses charged at cost, as required (hotels, airfares, transfers, cabs, rental cars, etc.)

Flat Labor Rates----

Bottom Painting: (Very Limited Availability)

    Powerboats (1 coat)-$18/ft.  2nd coat $12/ft. (Sanding Addt'l)

​    Sailboats (1 coat)-$16/ft.  2nd coat $10/ft. (Sanding Addt'l)​

Topsides/Hull-Machine Buffing (w/Cleaner-Wax):  



Topsides/Hull-Machine Compounding:



Topsides/Hull-Waxing: $14/ft.

Supplies and materials required for all projects are charged additional.

Note: The prices we charge for the required supplies and materials on a project are usually about the same or often below that of the local big box marine store.

Special Seasonal Offers

Rates for winter projects---those which can be done mostly in our shop during the off-season, with little deadline pressure, such as cabin sole fabrications, replacements or restorations---are the lowest when booked well advance of the season. It behooves us to have a full winter schedule. Consequently, we normally offer a discount off our regular rates for the first few projects we quote and book for the winter. Once the schedule starts to fill, the special discounted rates are less likely to be offered. So, plan ahead and book early. 

Our Hourly Rates are Some of the Most Reasonable in the Area. 

But the Real Value Lies in the High Quality of Our Results.

Serving Long Island Sound to the Caribbean and Beyond, since 2001