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We offer private guidance and consultation services to anyone who could use our help and expertise, and not only with a repair or restoration project on board. We also offer guidance for buying a boat, buying the right boat, taking your first offshore trip, preparing a boat to meet ORC Racing Requirements for bluewater races, cruising and chartering in the Virgin Islands, and any number of other related subjects of which our experience is deep. 

Our owner, Doug Ely, has nearly 40 years under his belt working in and around boats, as well as covering over 100,000 miles sailing and racing from points between New England, Long Island Sound, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. See Owner Profile here

If you need a pair of deeply knowledgeable, highly experienced eyes to look over a particular sailing vessel you've got your eye on to buy, whether in our area or nearly anywhere else, here in the States or abroad, visit our Pre-Purchase Inspection page. Doug can check it out thoroughly for you (or with you) to give you a better understanding of what you are getting into and what to expect going forward. 

If you are new to sailing and want to buy a boat, Doug can help you decide on the right boat, not only for your needs, but for your abilities. 

Maybe you are getting ready for your first offshore trip, Doug is an expert at preparing a boat and crew for the task. With so many blue water passages behind him, many of which were during the North Atlantic gale season in October and November, you can rest assured he's spent major time at sea in some of the fiercest conditions. He fully understands the stresses of boat and crew during very trying times at sea. Some sound advice and guidance from him, maybe a recommendation for a special piece of equipment you'll definitely want, information on crossing the Gulf Stream, or what to do in the event of a system failure, etc, can all go a long way to keeping you safe and relatively comfortable out on the open seas. It could be invaluable information if things get rough. 

Or are you thinking about living aboard? Speak with someone who has done it for years at a time. Someone who can answer all your questions with realistic, knowledgeable, experienced replies, helping you with what to expect and what you need to do in order to enjoy the experience. A simple phone call or two could give you all the help you need. 

Do you have a large, involved project with which you need guidance?  Maybe it's too expensive to pay thousands of dollars to have done by a professional, so you'd like to try doing it yourself. A brightwork restoration project for instance, is a perfect example. It could easily take hundreds of hours. And if the details have been overlooked somewhere along the way the result will be less than expected. Doug can walk you through it step by step at a fraction of the cost of having a pro do it, yet you'll end up with a professional finish simply by consulting with him and following his instructions to a tee.

Doug actually presents a series of hands-on workshops and seminars at locations in Connecticut and Florida (with more places being considered) to teach the details of working with and finishing marine woods. Though you may not be able to attend one of these 2-3 day events, a private consultation with him could give you a lot of the same info you'd learn in the workshop, just without the hands on experience and demonstrations performed by Doug.  For more info on seminars and workshops click here.

Consultation rates can be far less than you might expect and the savings of time and money in the long run can make the fees a great investment in your long-term knowledge. Just have a quick question you want answered? Give Doug a call. If he knows the answers or has a strong opinion, he'll surely give you an authoritative response, at no charge.

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