In addition to our primary service area on Long Island Sound, we are available for project work in any number of areas all around the U.S. and Caribbean. Though the logistics are greater, the high quality of our work is the same. Of course there are certain types of projects of which don't make a lot of sense to have us travel. But there are others that fit perfectly.

An example: A new owner bought a 47-foot, deep-keeled Swan sailboat in California to be shipped here to Connecticut by truck. In order to get the boat under many bridges as it traveled on the truck, everything on that boat above the gunnels basically had to be stripped off the deck. A MAJOR project on any boat, but  incredibly involved on a racing Swan. It required creating a notebook of details and drawings nearly 50 pages long during the disassembley process. Now stripping the deck of every bit of hardware could have been done by a yard in California. But, what are the chances that it would go easily back together here in Connecticut with a different crew trying to reassemble everything, without knowing how it all was in the first place? Not very good. It made sense to send one team to do both ends of the job. For more on this example, check out our blog post Moving a Swan from San Diego to Milford. (Coming soon)

We've traveled for special projects in Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, South Carolina, Florida, California as well as a number of places in the Caribbean. Wherever you might be in the U.S., the Caribbean or even beyond, if you've got a project that fits for our knowledgeable, experienced and proven crew, give us a call to discuss the feasibilities and logistics. Our fees may be less than you think. Our work will surely please.

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NOTE: We will soon be available for select projects in the Maryland/Chesapeake Bay area! Call for Info.