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Working with teak or other marine hardwoods on a boat is often a very different challenge than doing some light carpentry work around the house. There is no such thing as truly level, square edges are not necessarily the norm, typical wood glues can't hold up to the constant moisture and the woods themselves are more difficult to mill, cut, shape and bend than your everyday soft pine. And, they're much tougher on tool blades as well. And marine hardwoods are a lot more expensive. Top quality Burmese Teak lumber (the best kind to use in the marine environment) can run $27-$38 a board foot, compared to 40 or 50 cents a foot for simple pine, the type of which is used to frame out your home. Making mistakes with teak can be very costly. The old adage of "measure twice, cut once" really holds true here. In fact, we tend to measure more than twice.

From custom-builds to repairs of teak (or other hardwood) furnishings, trim, surfaces, etc. above or below decks, this is an area of our business that gets its own specialized section on this site. Not only because we do a lot of it, but also because we welcome new challenges. 

Even on today's more modern-looking yachts, a little wood can help to make everything a bit more classic and traditional looking. In our opinion, a boat without some wood on deck and below can look rather bland. We hope you feel the same way. 

If you're thinking about some new teak handrails, or want a pair of wood dorade boxes, or some simple wood trim to create a little character, give us a call. Not only can we build it from scratch, but we can design it to work best for your boat. And don't forget belowdecks upgrades. How about finishing off that cabin with some nice custom cabinetry, luxuriously finished in a beautiful hand-rubbed satin?  Or, maybe  it's time to replace your old electronics in the nav station. That's probably going to require a new teak facade or panels to frame the new equipment. 

And let's not forget your cabin sole. If it has turned black and maybe a little soft in spots, it's quite possible it has been ruined by moisture, requiring a full replacement. For more on this specialized service, see the section of this site on cabin sole restoration and replacement. It's a pretty good bet that we have replaced or restored more cabin soles in this area than any other marine service company around. 

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